About Karate Academy Capalaba

Established in the 1970's in Sydney the Karate Academy has grown to over 900 members across QLD, NSW, SA, and WA.



The Capalaba dojo was opened in September 2013 by Amanda Harrison, one of only a small number of female instructors heading a dojo in Queensland. 



Since opening it's doors, the club has acquired a strong group of dedicated students and has continued to grow, expanding to seven classes per week.




Amanda Harrison Sensei

4th Degree Black Belt

Blue Card Accredited

First Aid Ceritfied

Member of:


KAJ Gōjū-ryū Seiwakai Australia

(Karate Academy of Japan)


Gōjū-ryū Karate-do Seiwakai Australia


All Japan Karate Do Federation Gōjū Kai Australia Inc.

(JKF Gōjū Kai Australia)


Australian Karate Do Federation Inc.







Glenn Stephenson Kyoshi Shihan

7th Degree Black Belt

Chief Instructor of Karate Academy of Japan Gōjū-ryū Seiwakai Australia

Kyoshi (Director) of Gōjū-ryū Karate-do Seiwakai Australia


Member of:


Shihan Kai Gōjū-ryū Karate-do Seiwakai International



KAJ Gōjū-ryū Seiwakai Australia


JKF Gōjū Kai Australia


AKF Australaian Karate-do Federation