KAC Grading

KAC held their second grading for the year and we were honoured to welcome along some students from the JKF Goju Kai Karate Bald Hills Dojo. It was a very successful day with all students progressing to their next level. A special congratulations must go to three students who have been training very hard recently and received a well deserved double grade for their efforts. Well done to all who attended, the standard was very high. It is great to see how much you have all improved. The occasion was made even better by the fantastic turn out by a number of high ranking instructors who came along to sit on our grading panel. We would like to thank you for all the support.

Kyu Gradings

4th Kyu (Double Grade) Clifford Williams

5th Kyu Jessica Garratt

6th Kyu Elizabeth Arnold

7th Kyu Lucia Richards

7th Kyu Jack Hinds

7th Kyu Sean Murphy

7th Kyu Alexander de Vries

7th Kyu Sophie de Vries

7th Kyu (Double Grade) Jethro Miranda

7th Kyu (Double Grade) Jemar Miranda

8th Kyu Damian Hinds

8th Kyu Doug Arnold

8th Kyu Xavier Georgiou

8th Kyu Calix Georgiou

9th Kyu Cooper Olive

9th Kyu Lachlan Dillon


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