KAC Grading

KAC had their second grading for the year and we are pleased to announce that it was an overwhelming success. The pressure was on as students moved up through the ranks, with a number of students testing for 5th Kyu for the first time in the short history of our club. 5th Kyu marks the half way point to 1st Dan black belt and brings with it the additional responsibility which comes with being a role model and mentor to all the new and upcoming students. The standard was very high and feedback from the grading panel was very positive. A massive congratulations must go to Cooper Olive for his outstanding work over the past 6 months. His efforts earned him a well-deserved double grade. All students performed very well and you should be proud of yourselves and all that you have achieved this weekend. Keep up the hard work! A special thanks to the parents and caregivers for your attendance at the grading and an extra special thanks to all the visiting instructors who sat on the panel. KAC appreciates your continued support. Grading results are as follows:

9th Kyu

Nicolas Casey

Madeleine Thrower

Annaliese Smith

Clinton Diab

Eden Baird

Declan Moore

8th Kyu

Matilda Grieve

Ethan McGrath

Seanna Thomson

Jadon Mitchell

Jarrod Mitchell

6th Kyu

Cooper Olive (double grade)

5th Kyu

Alex de Vries

Jethro Miranda

Jemar Miranda

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